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Fat and Skinny Had A Race

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Fat and Skinny had a race

up and down the pillow case.

Fat fell down and broke his face

And that’s how skinny won the race.

Fatso said it wasn’t fair

so Skinny lost his underwear.

I heard this from a friend who went to summer camp when I was a child.  It wasn’t something I ever repeated thinking it was cruel.  It is running through my mind today because my last post was about a high BMI notice sent home for my youngest and my teenage daughter is very thin.   People make it a point to tell her she is too thin.  As soon as people see a girl who is very thin they think eating disorder.  She has a very high metabolism and eats.  She receives a lot more comments than my high BMI son.   It is a daily juggle of higher calorie options for one and lower calorie options for another.  This mainly deals with snacks and things sent in addition to school lunch.   So far so good.  I also have another teenage son and it’s like dealing with the three little bears.  One is too heavy, one is too skinny and one is just right. 

I have to just get my big girl panties on and start tracking my food.  I will have to face the fact I will always be tracking my food.  I am constantly weighing my actions and words to make sure I do not hurt anyone’s feelings in regards to weight lately.  Anxiety is rising.  We are going to visit family over Thanksgiving and they are highly critical.   Back to points!


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